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Boardrooms and Meeting Rooms


Multifunctional rooms for the modern business environment

  In today’s ever changing business environment the need for flexible and multi-functional areas within the office domain is of upmost importance. At AJS Interiors Ltd, we can offer
a full design and build package to create the ideal boardroom and meeting room for your company that enables you to maximise limited space and create essential areas.
  A key feature that AJS Interiors Ltd are able to provide is privacy and soundproofing. We are a leading supplier of privacy glass (also known as Smart Glass, Privalite Glass, electric glass, switch glass amongst other things!) which enables your meeting room to go from clear to opaque at the flick of a switch. Unlike other brands of privacy glass however, ours does not have a milky hue. By applying a manifestation interlayer we are able to achieve any coloured tint your company is looking for.  
  In terms of sound proofing, we are able to achieve up to 43dB in our double glazed frameless office system whilst if you’re looking for a solid option we’re able to achieve up
to 48dB soundproofing. We are able to combine privacy glass with traditional frameless partitioning to create the optimum boardroom complete with sound proofing and confidentiality.
  We have a long standing relationship with British furniture manufacturer Sven Christiansen. Consequently we are able to provide a variety of different furnishings for your boardroom regardless of whether you’re looking for entry level or executive standard furniture.  
Meeitng Room and Boardrooms Refurbishment London
Meeitng Room and Boardrooms Refurbishment UK
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